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Promantia ROCK™
Organizations achieve their strategic goals by implementing projects. It is common knowledge that a lot of these projects fail in that the product or service of the project is unusable. While there are several reasons why this happens, a common theme for failure is management of project risks. This, however, does not mean failure of risk management practices but lack of understanding of this discipline. Not any longer for Promantia ROCK™ is here.
ROCK™ is an on-demand project risk management product that project managers can use to identify, manage and control risks. ROCK™ uses the fuzzy set theory principles to help project managers anticipate and identify project risks. It also recommends strategies to manage those identified risks. Not just threats that negatively impact a project but also opportunities.

This way ROCK™ will help project managers execute all the risk management steps ensuring they follow the discipline.
ROCK™ uses a software as a service model (SAAS) for delivery – this means no installation and all the trouble associated with it. Just subscribe, login and start managing risks.

The product is built using Microsoft dotNet technology and provides extracts to be imported into spreadsheets or uploaded into MS Project Server.
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PMP® Preparation CourseThe Beta version of ROCK™ will be available shortly and we invite organizations to participate in the Beta program. We will provide FREE training and support during the Beta phase and offer attractive promotional prices for our Beta customers.

If you are interested in signing up for the Beta program or would like a demo of the ROCK™ product, please contact or call +91 9740 6979 38