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Assessment Services
To beat, and stay ahead of competition, companies must assess their maturity and continuously improve their internal operations and processes. Promantia’s vision is to be a leader in providing independent assessment services. Towards that goal Promantia offers standards-based as well as non-standards based assessments.
Standards-based assessment services include evaluating organizations using:
Project Management Institute’s framework for    maturity assessment - OPM3
Software Engineering Institute’s Capability    Maturity Model
Assessment based on ISO 9000 framework
Assessment for infrastructure intensive    organization based on ITIL framework

Standards-based assessment is currently offered in collaboration with our partners
Tailored assessments for meeting unique needs of the client
Some of our focus areas are:
Architecture assessments that cover aspects    like the architecture's ability to meet current    and long term requirements and the alignment    of the implementation to the architecture.
Processes and practices assessment to    review engineering and management    practices for a project, program or across the    organization.
Business feasibility review (for IT Services and    Products) to independently look at the offering    given the the market, competition and    competencies within
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Featured Success Stories
Architecture Assessment
Architecture Assessment A US-based venture capital firm was looking at investing in a retail banking products and solutions company. They wanted to be sure that the architecture of the flagship product they were investing in was robust and would evolve cleanly as more products are incoperated in the product suite.

Promantia executed a 3 week assignment carrying out a thorough and independent functional and technical architecture review of the banking product.

Promantia’s comprehensive report included recommendations on changes to architecture as well as practices and processes that would help meet the business goals