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Consulting Services
Businesses across market segments rely on Promantia’s consulting services to find solutions to their daunting problems. Our consultant’s unique combination of deep technical expertise, problem-solving orientation, ability to quickly understand clients business and excellent execution skills help our clients achieve success.
Our consultants have deep expertise in the following functions:
Organization & Strategy
Information Technology
Quality Assurance
Market Research
Modeling & Simulation
  Industries /market segments that we execute projects include:
Financial Services
Entertainment and Leisure
If your organization would like to engage Promantia, or would like Promantia to submit a proposal to solve your business problem please contact or call +91 97406 97938
Featured Success Stories
Product Pricing Strategy
Product Pricing Strategy Our client is a large group with interests in iron-ore mining, luxury hotels and real-estate. They were diversifying further into software products and engaged us to help them price their product. We used scoring models and comparative techniques to design a pricing strategy. Our research went beyond this to help them determine their sales strategy in the international market.